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Testimonials from Haven Property Clients

Haven Properties has long-time relationships with their customers.  Here are some testimonials from the businesses at Haven Properties in Menlo Park:

"I’m a small business owner who needed to rent an office space due to the kids at home.  I started looking around for an office big enough to allow my business partner and I to function without getting in each others way.  After looking at a couple of places I quickly found that the prices were extremely higher than anticipated.  I then heard from a friend about Haven’s Properties whom have small offices for lease. 

When I walked into the building it had a sense of “clean and professional.”  After talking to Gary for a few minutes, we started the tour of the Property.  I found the property had nice office spaces.  Some of them are for two people max and then there are other offices that connect to each other.  Some of the office spaces had a window view, and I leased one of them.  There was a conference room where we can show our product which is wifi ready and the internet is very fast and included with the cost of the lease.  You can get a Static IP Address to connect your web server to the world.  In the Kitchen there is a vending machine where you can buy a soda or snacks.  After seeing the property I was sold. 

3 years later I’m here in the office.  It has suited me well.  I have expanded since the first day I started my lease with the Haven Properties.  I now have three offices and I am a very satisfied client of the 'Haven Management Properties.'"

Timothy Arnold
Nirvoo Networks

Haven Property Management
Menlo Park, California